Meditation for Saturday of Week 48 in the season of Harvest and Celebration

Living in Eternity’s Sunrise

He who binds himself to a Joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the Joy as it flies
Lives in Eternity’s sunrise.
[William Blake, The ArgumentEternity]

Every moment is eternity’s sunrise. To live like this is to live creatively, with hope and without regret; to forgive and let go not only of the past but of the present moment as it flies, and then to live fully in the next moment as it arrives. It is to be centered in the only time and place where we ever are, the here and now, yet it is also to be mindful of our place in time, which marches inexorably forward.


Visual Arts

Music: Composers, artists, and major works

Daybreak and early morning ragas:

The pianist Mikhael has produced two albums of improvisational classical music, which the program notes describe as follows: “Improvisation is the art of the sound of the present. . . . Each note and melody, phrase and rhythm, are born and develop following rules which are consonant with music that is lived more than it is thought. When such a situation is recreated, the instrument, the music and the musician become one, finding completion in the conscious listener.”

David Binney is a jazz saxophonist, many of whose albums are themed around time:


  • Kenessey, Magic Forest Dances, for oboe and piano, “take place in a fantastical, other-worldly realm.” The music “takes us through a series of encounters with mysterious spirits and playful sprites, then ends on a joyous note with the bright, upbeat dance of the Finale.” (Per the composer.)


He who binds to himself a joy / Does the winged life destroy; But he who kisses the joy as it flies / Lives in eternity's sunrise.

[William Blake, “Eternity”]

Music: songs and other short pieces

This Is Our Story

A religion of values and Ethics, driven by love and compassion, informed by science and reason.


First ingredient: Distinctions. What is the core and essence of being human? What is contentment, or kindliness, or Love? What is gentleness, or service, or enthusiasm, or courage? If you follow the links, you see at a glance what these concepts mean.


This site would be incomplete without an analytical framework. After you have digested a few of the examples, feel free to explore the ideas behind the model. I would be remiss if I did not give credit to my inspiration for this work: the Human Faith Project of Calvin Chatlos, M.D. His demonstration of a model for Human Faith began my exploration of this subject matter.


A baby first begins to learn about the world by experiencing it. A room may be warm or cool. The baby learns that distinction. As a toddler, the child may strike her head with a rag doll, and see that it is soft; then strike her head with a wooden block, and see that it is hard. Love is a distinction: she loves me, or she doesn’t love me. This is true of every human value:

justice, humility, wisdom, courage . . . every single one of them.

This site is dedicated to exploring those distinctions. It is based on a model of values that you can read about on the “About” page. However, the best way to learn about what is in here is the same as the baby’s way of learning about the world: open the pages, and see what happens.

ants organic action machines

Octavio Ocampo, Forever Always

Jacek Yerka, House over the Waterfall

Norman Rockwell, Carefree Days Ahead


When you open, you will see a human value identified at the top of the page. The value changes daily. These values are designed to follow the seasons of the year.

You will also see an overview of the value, or subject for the day, and then two columns of materials.

The left-side column presents true narratives, which include biographies, memoirs, histories, documentary films and the like; and also technical and analytical writings.

The right-side columns presents the work of the human imagination: fictional novels and stories, music, visual art, poetry and fictional film.

Each entry is presented to help identify the value. Open some of the links and experience our human story, again. It belongs to us all, and each of us is a part of it.

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