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Naturally shy and introverted, Ella Fitzgerald was perhaps the finest female jazz singer to date. She mastered her culture's chief musical form, putting her own spin on it with her technique of scat singing. In realizing her full potential, she set the standard for others, who are still trying to match her.

Schumann, KreislerianaPhantasien für das Pianoforte, Op. 16 (1838) consists of eight fantasies for solo piano. Schumann said that he composed it in only four days, perhaps when he was at the height of his romantic attraction to Clara Wieck, who would become his wife, and the concert pianist and composer Clara Schumann. However, he dedicated the work to fellow composer Frederick Chopin. Overall, the work is a tour de force of artistic brilliance, both in its technical mastery and in its emotional range. Here are performances by CortotHorowitz and Lupu.

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