Week 38: Love


People crave Love, both the receiving and the giving, and while love-starved passion can upset the soul, deep harmonic Love brings peace, if we savor it in the here and now and avoid the strong temptation to become attached to it. It is a narrow tightrope to walk but those
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When passion and regard are present, and solicitude is practiced, harmony should follow. If intimacy is also present, harmony will be all the easier to attain.
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If we are fortunate, we have one or a few sustaining relationships that are emotionally intimate. Intimacy implies a deep-reaching trust, confidence and reliance that express key elements of Faith. Passion nurtures it and regard for the loved one(s) guides it.
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Passion drives. Regard steers. Having directed our passions to conform to the welfare of all, we can begin more fully to practice the art of solicitude: an active caring for those we love. A spouse who performs a household chore normally performed by the other and a child who cleans up after
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How many times have we heard someone say that a signfiicant other, such as a spouse, does not behave thoughtfully enough toward her? Perhaps nowhere do we need the cerebral cortex to transform a raw emotion into something good and useful than here. Regard for the object(s) of our passion will help us
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A sweet Athenian lady is in love With a disdainful youth: anoint his eyes; But do it when the next thing he espies May be the lady . . . [William Shakespeare, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Act II, Scene 1.] The elixir of love can drive us to actions that
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. . . love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence . . . [Erich Fromm] Love is the great Creative Force in the emotions in our sacred relations with living beings. I define it as the emotion that mirrors the welfare of the loved
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