Week 48: Focus and Perspective

Eternity’s Sunrise

He who binds himself to a Joy Does the winged life destroy; But he who kisses the Joy as it flies Lives in Eternity’s sunrise. [William Blake, The Argument: Eternity] Every moment is eternity’s sunrise. To live like this is to live creatively, with hope and without regret; to forgive and
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To see a world in a grain of sand And heaven in a wild flower To hold eternity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. [William Blake] The word “perspective” can be used in two senses. One is in the usual sense of having a perspective
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A frenetic pace cannot be sustained for long. A snail’s pace is rarely productive. I can read quickly but some works pack many ideas into a few words while others present simple images that are best absorbed quickly. A trip to the museum will reveal many people taking a few
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We dole out our lives in dinner parties and plane flights, and it’s over before we know it. We lose everyone we love, if they don’t lose us first, and every single thing we do is intended to distract from that reality. [Armistead Maupin, Mary Ann in Autumn (Harper, 2010), p.
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Here and Now

Now is the only time, and here is the only place, you can ever do anything. Every productive action, including your times of productive rest and restoration, is carried out in the here and now. This does not mean that you are never to think about the past or the
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Cycles – Seasons

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity . . . [The Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:1.] This model presents both work and rest as values. No one can do them both simultaneously, so which is the preferred value? The question assumes a false choice. No one can
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Some people cast their attention to many things, the Renaissance Man for example. Others focus on one thing. Neither approach necessarily is right or wrong. Each person is challenged to find the mix that best suits her. Today’s topic is focus, whose meaning here is concentration on a narrow band
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