Week 45: Empowerment

Socio-political Disorganization

Disorganization is the most obvious opposite of organization. In society and government, the most glaring examples become apparent when people are deeply divided by method, approach or perceived purpose.
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This page focuses on political strength, or strength in numbers fortified by unity. Among the most moving examples of this was the march on Washington in August of 1963, when Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. Leaders and would-be leaders aspire to that example to this
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Endurance – Stamina

Endurance. or stamina, is vigor over an extended period of time. A person may be supremely skilled but with endurance that person can apply those skills over a greater time.
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Rigor is the art and practice of remaining fixed on a method or a way of doing things. In politics, it means staying on message. In art, it means adhering to the core principles of that art. In science it means disciplined adherence to scientific method, without taking shortcuts. In
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Vigor – Avidity

Energy expressed through action is vigor. You can tell the difference between a sports team that is playing with spirit and energy, and one that is going through the motions. Or think of a colony of ants scurrying about to build a nest, or a swarm of bees defending a
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Social unity can benefit from planning. When people not only work together but also plan, strategize and organize their common efforts, they enhance their strength.
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Unity – Cohesion

There is strength in numbers but more than in numbers, in unity or cohesion. When people pull together in common purpose, they reinforce and encourage each other. Each person may bring unique strengths that add to the common endeavor for more than if each person acted alone. When that happens,
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To attain spiritual maturity is to become empowered to the fullest extent of our capacity. When we are integrated within, in our best state of relationship to others and the world, and full of energy and enthusiasm, then we can best take charge of our lives and affect the circumstances
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